How To: Retrofitting an RV Awning

After drilling Hellmann Sikaflex sprays onto bracket, counters plates, screws and sleeves. “This has to do well later when screwing. Then it is sealed.” The adhesive required for setting is about two hours. It is therefore no rush. Do not forget about the punctual roughening structure wall.

However, time pressure comes from elsewhere. To seal the awning against the construction, use Schafhäutle not Sikaflex, but a one-sided adhesive coated sealing tape of Würth, which begins immediately after application to swell to two centimeters. This has two advantages: First, irregular joint widths are compensated. Secondly, later is possibly required disassembly of the weather protection significantly lighter. Because it must go quickly now, two conductors and a helper are meaningful.

Oh, the awning definitely should cover in width the cabin door completely. Hellmann: “Otherwise the customer thinks every time it rains on him – guaranteed.”


  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Wrench or ratchet
  • Cutter for the sleeves
  • Sealing material

Dometic Perfect wall 1500 (Prostor 500)

Width: 3.50m, extract: 2.50m drive: manual, housing color: white, silver, anthracite, champagne, end caps: aluminum, price: from 712 Euro, mounting specialist operation: about 2 straits plus consumables such as Sikaflex and sealing tape.


Here’s a visual to help out: