Disposal In The Motorhome

Disposal machines compared

To bypass the troublesome disposal of Toilettenkassete, create automatic disposal machines. Promobil has tested two systems of Thetford and Camper Clean.

The disposal of the toilet cassette is one of the less titillating tasks during the camping holiday. But not anymore, because now there is an automatic variant. The disposal machines of the company Camper Clean are currently at 19 locations in Germany, by the end of the network are to be expanded to Europe. Toilet manufacturer Thetford has also recognized the signs of time and in 2014 presented at the Caravan Salon own fully automatic disposal station. This is currently being tested in the Netherlands and will be also on German actuators and campgrounds at the end of the year. Promobil has tried both available on the market models. How do they work, it is shown in the pictures and the cost obligations PDF “Sani Special”, where you learn more about sanitation in the camper.

How much gas is safe?

If you go on vacation, the gas cylinders in the camper may not be missing. But how many bottles may actually be transported? This question has the promobil reader Birgit Jaser.

How many gas cylinders may be transported in a motor home? Only the two in the gas box or possibly a third as a reserve?

Since it is a private, not a commercial transport, only the general requirements for the transport of gas are in this case. A transport document is not necessary up to 300kg net mass. Private individuals only need to comply with the relevant safety regulations for gas transport.

That is, the bottles must be secured so that they can no slip during braking and cornering. In addition, the valves must be covered by the protective caps. The completed from the living area storage place the bottle in the vehicle shall be adequately vented to the outside. The bottles can be transported vertically or horizontally and also transversely to the direction of travel. In recharges smoking and open fires are prohibited in the vicinity.


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